Travel & Everyday Live Photography With MLP Plushies

The Hobby

Hello and welcome to my little website.
Here you can check everything about my hobby work:
Travel and everyday life photography with plush pones - Landscape, sightseeing, convention trips and everyday life situations.

Our next trip goes to:
Milano, Italy


Xeto (me)
Sugar Feather
Lily Allure
Vanilla Cream

Connie Bloom

How It Started

Like all great things, I started small. After I won plush Poniko at the charity auction of GalaCon 2018, I've decided to create an account on Twitter. I got the inspiration by a Twitter user. She showed landscape pictures with Poniko in there.
So Poniko and me have started the same but in visiting brony meetups for first. Later I've got the idea to travel the world for sightseeing and visit continental & worldwide MLP conventions to show & share.
After time I've integrated further mascot and my own OC plushies. Also not only traveling is my topic - I've got the idea to take plush photos in everyday life situations like shopping, home situations and more.
Now this is the result for now and hope I'll discover and entertain much as I can with plush pones.